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Fox and Dog SEO Example - Landing Page

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Fox and Dog SEO Example
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Page Names - Front (Home) Page

This is the LANDING page, the first page internet users and robots "see" and it must be structured so that every page in your site can be reached from it, either directly from a menu link or indirectly from another page. Using both methods to link any [every] page is recommended. Many Articles can be published to the front page.

Each Article

  • Section Name - Fox and Dog
  • Category Name - Legal Services

Once it has been written down it does seem obvious to use words other than "about us" when naming Sections and Categories.

First Article Title is similar to Site Name

  • Fox and Dog Legal Service for Foxes and Dogs
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service by Mr and Mrs Fox and Dog
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service at Corner of Fox and Dog Streets

This article requires a content count of at least 150 words, broken into three paragraphs or sections that represent the following:
(Use a minimum of 50 words in each of the following:)

  1. Section Description
  2. Category Description
  3. Page Description (Metadata Information)

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SEO Tips and Tricks

Check Your Content

Look for an area within your industry that your competitors are not covering or not covering very well. Find obscure topics that people are interested in, but, after conducting a few searches of your own, show that the available content on the web isn't sufficient. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have many webmaster tools used for SEO and Site Analysis.

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