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Fox and Dog SEO Example

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Fox and Dog SEO Example
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Have you purchased or "inherited" a domain name for your new business? Are you ready to start creating your new web design?

SEO Tips and Tricks for any Fox and Dog entity.

It may not be the name you wanted but it was the only one available at the time.This problem is only going to get worse, but that is another story. For now we have something to work with. New domain names can be added later!

Follow this guide to create a website with pages optimised for search engines. This is a guide only and should be used as such. It is based on 10 years of building websites that work!

Site Name Options for "Legal" service type businesses:

  • Fox and Dog Legal Service we offer legal services for Foxes and Dogs
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service we offer legal services by Mr and Mrs Fox and Dog
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service we offer legal services at Corner of Fox and Dog Streets

Substitute for Options - Any word or words to replace Legal:

  • Fox and Dog Club - Social, sport, official, major, chess, golf, adult
  • Professional Fox and Dog - Legal, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants
  • Fox and Dog Services - Personnel, Retail, Wholesale, Trade, Commercial
  • Local Fox and Dog Business - Hair salon, multi-level marketing, home business, mobile business
  • Other Fox and Dog Organisations - Charity, Technical, Official and Public

Keywords - Legal, Service, Fox, Dog

Only four words have been selected for this example. The way they are entered as keywords makes all the difference!

fox, dog, legal, service, foxanddog, foxdog, fox and dog, fox dog, fox legal, dog legal, foxdog legal, foxdog service

Page Names - Front (Home) Page

This is the LANDING page, the first page internet users and robots "see" and it must be structured so that every page in your site can be reached from it, either directly from a menu link or indirectly from another page. Using both methods to link any [every] page is recommended. Many Articles can be published to the front page.

Each Article

  • Section Name - Fox and Dog
  • Category Name - Legal Services

Once it has been written down it does seem obvious to use words other than "about us" when naming Sections and Categories.

First Article Title is similar to Site Name

  • Fox and Dog Legal Service for Foxes and Dogs
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service by Mr and Mrs Fox and Dog
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service at Corner of Fox and Dog Streets

This article requires a content count of at least 150 words, broken into three paragraphs or sections that represent the following:
(Use a minimum of 50 words in each of the following:)

  1. Section Description
  2. Category Description
  3. Page Description (Metadata Information)

Second Article Title continues the theme:

  • Legal Service for Foxes and Dogs
  • Legal Service by Mr and Mrs Fox and Dog
  • Legal Service at Corner of Fox and Dog Streets

Hint: Use up to half of the Category and Section Descriptions (and some from the First Article) in the article content.

Create Menu Items

  • Use Article Alias field to rewrite the link name!
  • For each menu item use the optional Page Title field.


Creating one good quality page has generated a host of relevant, interrelated information that has formed the basic structure of your site.

Article content reflects Site Name, Keywords, Category and Section Descriptions. SEO is almost complete!

Next - Add Images and complete all image tag fields.

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SEO Tips and Tricks

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

To the search engines the content on the page is just a bunch of words. There are several basic concepts that the content of each page must do. First grab the attention of the user, appeal to their needs, ask questions then answer with informative content.

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