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Fox and Dog SEO Example

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Fox and Dog SEO Example
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Have you purchased or "inherited" a domain name for your new business? Are you ready to start creating your new web design?

SEO Tips and Tricks for any Fox and Dog entity.

It may not be the name you wanted but it was the only one available at the time.This problem is only going to get worse, but that is another story. For now we have something to work with. New domain names can be added later!

Follow this guide to create a website with pages optimised for search engines. This is a guide only and should be used as such. It is based on 10 years of building websites that work!

Site Name Options for "Legal" service type businesses:

  • Fox and Dog Legal Service we offer legal services for Foxes and Dogs
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service we offer legal services by Mr and Mrs Fox and Dog
  • Fox and Dog Legal Service we offer legal services at Corner of Fox and Dog Streets

Substitute for Options - Any word or words to replace Legal:

  • Fox and Dog Club - Social, sport, official, major, chess, golf, adult
  • Professional Fox and Dog - Legal, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants
  • Fox and Dog Services - Personnel, Retail, Wholesale, Trade, Commercial
  • Local Fox and Dog Business - Hair salon, multi-level marketing, home business, mobile business
  • Other Fox and Dog Organisations - Charity, Technical, Official and Public

Keywords - Legal, Service, Fox, Dog

Only four words have been selected for this example. The way they are entered as keywords makes all the difference!

fox, dog, legal, service, foxanddog, foxdog, fox and dog, fox dog, fox legal, dog legal, foxdog legal, foxdog service

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