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Affordable hosting services and web design products.
Suncoast Hosting
SOLID STATE SERVERS - Lightning Fast affordable website hosting solutions for businesses seeking
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How to Generate Better Content

Stop viewing your marketing with a campaign mindset (with a beginning, middle and end) and adopt a long-term perpetual strategy, that involves lots of interesting online content to keep visitors – and customers – engaging with your business.

Use Google Search, site plugins and modules to gather information critical to developing new and relevant page content.A vast majority of internet searches are informational. That means people are not looking for your products or services, they are looking for information about them. They want to learn something new and you can be the one to give it to them.

Custom Search Engines and Site Search Plugin

Don't get stuck trying to think up new ways of creating content. Let your users tell you what your site needs by analysing results gathered from your own site search. Create new content based on searches of more than one attempt at trying to find particular information.

This type of analysis and implementation can be tedious if you have not created good quality articles to start with as it can show all the weaknesses in your SEO, layout and structure.

A user enters a search phrase up to 20 characters (Try "seo")

Examine the results each day and create new articles or adjust the content and keywords in existing articles until eventually, the multiple search enquiries will almost stop because the content is published and optimised!

Web Design Services

Add Joomla! Extensions to your site. Joomla! Extensions are Components, Modules and Plugins that easily add new options to your site.

Web Design Solutions  

SEO Tips and Tricks

Maximise Optimisation

Utilise your whole site, maximise every page, even though most users may not use it, the search engine robots will!

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