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Affordable hosting services and web design products.
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Learn about Joomla! CMS

Save on website construction prices. Once the Joomla! platform is correctly installed it is only a matter of creating new pages and menu items to keep your website fresh and functional.We use the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) which is supplied as free software under the GNU/GPL Licence. This means that you save on website construction prices. The Joomla! CMS platform is continuously under development by the team, releasing updates from time to time making sure the platform is always secure and functional.

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Once the Joomla! platform is correctly installed it is only a matter of creating new pages and menu items to keep your website fresh and functional.

A CMS or Content Management System, in simple terms, is the way your text and pictures are stored, accessed and made into a website. Pages have text (and pictures) and are stored as "Articles". They are displayed using a "Template" which is the design or content style (CSS - Content Style Sheet) of your website.  Pictures are saved in folders and can be accessed directly from any page.

Joomla! is an internationally acclaimed content management system used by governments, corporations, small business and individuals around the world to build fast loading, functional and secure websites.

Web sites built using this platform are easily managed and can be implemented from very small to very large scale and able to grow with your needs.

Joomla! V's Custom Coded Sites

Every webmaster has written "the best code ever" at some point in their career. Joomla! is the collaboration of the best webmasters all writing the best code of their careers. Joomla! will also be around a lot longer than most others in the web design industry.

What appears to be "heavy and cumbersome" code that make web sites "slow to load" seems irrelevant when less than 0.01% of all sites on the internet have enough traffic to "slow down" the server, the difference being measured in fractions of milliseconds.

Will almost unlimited options that can be switched "on" or "off" at any time, Joomla! gives you the power to run your site fast or very fast. Joomla! is a complex software system that is easy to use and manipulate in a positive way!

Web Design Services

If your web site is crucial to your business and you want the added security of an application and server solely devoted to your Internet and Hosting requirements, plus the support and expertise of an experienced provider, then a dedicated solution is the one for you.

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SEO Tips and Tricks

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

To the search engines the content on the page is just a bunch of words. There are several basic concepts that the content of each page must do. First grab the attention of the user, appeal to their needs, ask questions then answer with informative content.

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